Jaryn X Hunter- Love on the Land, A Rural Boho Florida Wedding, The Rodman Plantation, Palatka

When Jaryn and Hunter approached me several months ago about photographing their laid back rural wedding, I was in from the beginning. I had the opportunity to photograph Hunter's twin brothers wedding nearly two years ago, and had gotten to know some of the immediate and extended family, so re-entering the fold was like a reunion. Hunter and Jaryn themselves are some of the most heartfelt and sincere people I have ever met. Hunter is a committed, career environmentalist representing our oceans and coastlines through his work at OCEANA, and Jaryn is passionate activist and yoga instructor as well as being one of the sweetest and most compassionate people i've ever met. Having relocated recently from Saint Augustine to St.Pete (so Hunter could commit himself to full-time advocacy work), I was so honored to get to catch up and spend such a special day among their lot. The Wedding was laid back elegance at its finest and the Rodman Plantation was perfectly suited to the familial vibes as friends and family camped on the property, preparing meals and taking care of all in the lead up to the ceremony. The festivities were included a great dinner catered by the local Magnolia Cafe as well as amazing live music and a few love songs presented by Hunter himself. Below are a few outtakes from the day. 

Lighthouse Love- Collin and Nicole's Anastasia Backyard Wedding- Saint Augustine, Florida

In more than a thousand ways, a light-house is a metaphor. It's a beacon, a public altruism, and a sign of refuge. It's an undeniably noble icon and it only seemed fitting that when Collin and Nicole's venue had to be rescheduled last minute because of storm damage, they would be wed at Collin's family home, in the shadow of the Saint Augustine lighthouse. Obviously, to wax on about lighthouses like that, I admire Collin. I've known him since we were teenage surfers negotiating the intricacies of middle-school existence, so I can vouch. When you know someone in that way you have  special insight (and opinion) into their partner. Getting to know Nicole, and seeing the way they interact and exist, has been genuinely enriching and from the bottom of my heart I don't think there is another person on earth as perfect for him. To completely overdue the lighthouse metaphor: They illuminate each others lives, and serve as an example of what love can be. The most sincere congratulations. 

Toast aside: The wedding was low-key elegance at its most endearing. Cobbling together their network of creative and talented friends, Nicole and Collin (along with friends and family) put on a charming and overwhelmingly genuine party in under two weeks, all with hardly breaking a sweat (or at least appearing not to). From the conchshells to the babiesbreath, to the handcrafted action figure cake toppers- Colin's brother Cody art directed a flawless event. Both families were incredibly fun, and the friend group was A-list (I'm obviously biased). Most weddings, no matter how fun, are met with a sense of relief when finished and tucked into a photo album- this wedding on the other hand I would honestly be happy to attend every weekend- and from someone who attends weddings for a living, says a lot. Below are some frames and out-takes from the day, enjoy. 

Summer in the City - Allison and Colin's Engagement in Dumbo, Brooklyn

So thankful for an unbelievable summer exploring in the Northeast! While up in Boston shooting Andy and Mary's MIT Wedding, I decided to visit Maine and Rhode Island before a final stop in Brooklyn for an impromptu engagement shoot with this incredible couple. I'll be shooting Allison and Colin this October in Puerto Rico, and was glad to get the opportunity to catch up for beers, jokes, and a quick photo session in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Hoping to shoot more NYC content in the next year!

Mary X Andy- MIT Chapel, Cambridge Multi-Cultural Arts Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts Wedding


When I heard a few days before boarding a plane to Boston that the groom of the wedding I was shooting had broken his foot playing basketball, I wasn't concerned in the least bit. Usually I would be freaking out: "how am I going to pose a groom on crutches!?" "How the heck is he going to make it through the first dance!?" Luckily for me (and everyone really) this was no ordinary couple. Andy and Mary in my mind are the archetype of the creative super couple: immensely talented and uber resourceful. They artfully balance their careers with their exuberant art making- both sonic and visual. Their wedding day was no different. When Mary informed me of her groom's new accessories (boot and crutches) she did so jovially. I knew right away the day would be somehow made better by his little mis-step on the court. Andy ended up squeezing his swollen foot into a sleek dress shoe and walked down the isle and danced all night. For 9 or so hours one wouldn't have suspected anything. He went in for surgery the following Monday. All the point being, I'm so honored to have spent such a radical day with such an inspiring couple. Thank you so much to the Lewey's, the Sadoways and all the incredible guests. 

Ceremeony: MIT Chapel

Reception: Cambridge Multi-Cultural Arts Center 

Beachfront Elegance- Ann X Zach's Waterfront Wedding- Crescent Beach, Devil's Elbow Fish camp

Finally getting around to blogging Ann and Zach's elegantly laid back beachfront ceremony and gorgeous open aired waterfront reception. Hosted at a family beach house and waterfront fish camp, the whole event was luxiorously unhurried. Ann and Zach's love and commitment stole the show and everyone had a wonderful time toasting and dancing the night away at the ravishingly decorated reception. Thanks to the Goederts, the Mills, and all the decorated and gracious guests. 

Saint Augustine Homespun Boho Wedding, Castillo de San Marco Wedding, Kelly X Josh

Here's a smattering of frames from Kelly and Josh's beautiful DIY Saint Augustine Wedding. Having met years ago in the Oldest City, Kelly and Josh now live in New York working in production and photography (and obviously have the skill set to facilitate an amazing party). For their special day they reunited with old friends and associates to celebrate their new lives together. From the beautiful ceremony at the Castillo to the raucous reception at The Floridian, the whole day was better than perfect, and I feel honored to have been a part of it. 

Hayley X Blake- Ponte Vedra Beachfront Wedding

Meeting clients through referrals usually bodes well. When I finally got a chance to sit down with Hayley and Blake for oysters and beer I knew immediately we were a good fit. By the second beer it was like we'd known each other for years. We finished up that evening by exploring a beautiful state park and taking in the sunset over the intracoastal. Hayley and Blake were so laid back it almost scared me. As a photographer, we are always judging our client's expectations, Haley and Blake gave me the license to portray their day in a natural and relaxed way, very much like their own personalities.  

Hayley and Blake's ceremony was a low-key beachfront affair with immediate friends and family, The weather cooperated and the timeline went off without a hitch, even without a planner. Mothers, brothers, dads, and aunts stepped in to make sure they day went perfectly. Afterwards the bride and groom were joined by an extended guest list for a delectably catered open air reception with curated tunes and radical radical dance moves. Big ups to the Hoffmans and Sherrods!