On the Blvd

Although I thoroughly enjoy shooting weddings and doing commercial and editorial work, my real passion with photography is rooted in open-ended personal projects (like my ongoing shrimping project , Han Diary, or Shadow Country). I've been interested in Florida motel-culture since I returned from Asia, so for the month of November I started making bi-weekly walks along Anastasia Blvd near my home with the goal of at least making one portrait per outing, as well as making social landscape photographs in the spectral #terror_twilight dusk which I find so iconic of Florida. The old motels, filled with anti-tourists sit in contrast to the Disney like setting of greater St. Augustine. I love the chance to study, interact, and be affected by a place that I often thoughtlessly pass by everyday.  This is a small collection of photographs from the past month on The Blvd. I am currently making prints to take to all the subjects who let me take their portrait, and hope to do a series of more lit and produced motel-room portraits.