Lighthouse Love- Collin and Nicole's Anastasia Backyard Wedding- Saint Augustine, Florida

In more than a thousand ways, a light-house is a metaphor. It's a beacon, a public altruism, and a sign of refuge. It's an undeniably noble icon and it only seemed fitting that when Collin and Nicole's venue had to be rescheduled last minute because of storm damage, they would be wed at Collin's family home, in the shadow of the Saint Augustine lighthouse. Obviously, to wax on about lighthouses like that, I admire Collin. I've known him since we were teenage surfers negotiating the intricacies of middle-school existence, so I can vouch. When you know someone in that way you have  special insight (and opinion) into their partner. Getting to know Nicole, and seeing the way they interact and exist, has been genuinely enriching and from the bottom of my heart I don't think there is another person on earth as perfect for him. To completely overdue the lighthouse metaphor: They illuminate each others lives, and serve as an example of what love can be. The most sincere congratulations. 

Toast aside: The wedding was low-key elegance at its most endearing. Cobbling together their network of creative and talented friends, Nicole and Collin (along with friends and family) put on a charming and overwhelmingly genuine party in under two weeks, all with hardly breaking a sweat (or at least appearing not to). From the conchshells to the babiesbreath, to the handcrafted action figure cake toppers- Colin's brother Cody art directed a flawless event. Both families were incredibly fun, and the friend group was A-list (I'm obviously biased). Most weddings, no matter how fun, are met with a sense of relief when finished and tucked into a photo album- this wedding on the other hand I would honestly be happy to attend every weekend- and from someone who attends weddings for a living, says a lot. Below are some frames and out-takes from the day, enjoy.