Shrimp Notes

Having a personal project is a great antidote to any burn-out from the commercial side of photography. With that said, I'm learning that any self propelled documentary project takes pushing boundaries and lots of persistence. Last summer I began exploring around the old Riberia shrimp docks, curious about the old boats and the larger than life characters who captained them. I had scoped the dock for years when crossing over Santa Maria creek, but was totally surprised when I was lain such a warm welcome while looking so conspicuously out of place, with camera dangling around my neck. For about a year now, on the right afternoon- usually right before dusk, I've been stopping by to catch up, slowly getting to now the few families who run the two or three boats which still ply for local white shrimp. Over a tallboy, I'll hear the multi-generational sagas, the "shrimp tales" of season and technique- and the inevitable conclusions that shrimping on the first coast is a dying craft. Not being a journalist with a deadline, it's a story I plan to continue following- to keep returning to when I have the time- as the industry changes and these resilient fisherman keep following their craft into the unforeseen future. 

Shooting Saint Augustine's Newest Addition to the Burgeoning Cocktail Scene: Odd Birds at Fridas

Earlier this week I had the chance to shoot some of the stellar cocktails and rock-star staff at the eclectic new bar venture Oddbirds at Frida's. Located on Charlotte street, near the Castillo, they are making a name serving boundary pushing libations (my favorite is the ginger, turmeric, bourbon concoction called the carnario) and great latin american bar snacks like arepas and black bean hummus. If you're passing through downtown Saint Augustine, be sure to check it out. 

On the Blvd

Although I thoroughly enjoy shooting weddings and doing commercial and editorial work, my real passion with photography is rooted in open-ended personal projects (like my ongoing shrimping project , Han Diary, or Shadow Country). I've been interested in Florida motel-culture since I returned from Asia, so for the month of November I started making bi-weekly walks along Anastasia Blvd near my home with the goal of at least making one portrait per outing, as well as making social landscape photographs in the spectral #terror_twilight dusk which I find so iconic of Florida. The old motels, filled with anti-tourists sit in contrast to the Disney like setting of greater St. Augustine. I love the chance to study, interact, and be affected by a place that I often thoughtlessly pass by everyday.  This is a small collection of photographs from the past month on The Blvd. I am currently making prints to take to all the subjects who let me take their portrait, and hope to do a series of more lit and produced motel-room portraits. 





Call me old-fashioned, out-takes from the Iceplant staff shoot

Coming up on its two year anniversary, The Iceplant is the premier spot in St. Augustine for craft cocktails, seasonal fair, and a slightly retro-fitted, classic atmosphere. Housed in a refurbished turn of the century ice factory, the property also houses Saint Augustine Distillery, cranking out craft spirits (vodka, gin, rum, and very soon bourbon). I've had the opportunity to help out The Iceplant with its PR photography over the last year, loving the vibe there and the alcoholic perks. Last month, we got some of the staff together, mixed up some drinks, and had an old fashioned photo shoot. Here are some of the out-takes. Cheers. Quite apart from my average work, I've enjoyed working with food and drink, but even more so the people and culture of great bars and restaurants. For those with restaurant culture in need of documenting, feel free to reach out to inquire about rates.