Saint Augustine Same Sex Elopement, Lady of the Leche Elopement, Saint Augustine Elopement Photographer, Christina X Monica

When Christina and Monica asked if I would like to make some photographs of their small intimate wedding ceremony, I didn't have to think twice. Two great personalities and a story, I couldn't ask for more. An art teacher and a massage therapist, they met by coincidence over drinks at an infamous Saint Augustine watering hole. For their first date, they strolled through downtown taking in the atmospheric back streets and the open expanse of the bay front castillo. We met up the evening before their ceremony to recreate their first few days together, casually taking in the early summer evening. The ceremony was small and personal outside the charming lady of the leche chapel, with just a few witnesses and an officiant. In my wedding photography I aim to stay away from too much artifice, and strive to create an authentic record of the couple. Love and devotion are pretty powerful things in themselves, and when you meet a genuine couple, the sparks are evident. Congratulations and best wishes on your new and enriching journey together.